Miyerkules, Agosto 2, 2017

The Great Gensan PhotoWalk

The Sox Bloggers (SoCSKSarGen) and Sox Local Guides, under the leadership of Avel Manansala of GenSantos.com, spearheaded "The Great Gensan PhotoWalk" last July 09, 2017, Sunday. The aim of this event was to add updated photos of the historic places in General Santos City in Google Maps, hoping that these photos and reviews will help people get to know the places more.

What is a PhotoWalk?

A PhotoWalk is an activity done by bloggers, photographers and local guides.  They gather and walk around a place or community and take photos of interesting subjects.  The subjects of a photowalk can be anything: an interesting building or structure, an ordinary person sitting at the park, or people crossing the street.  It is the photographer's sole discretion on what story to capture during this activity.  During The Great Gensan PhotoWalk, we were asked to take photos of some of the historical places in Gensan and post it as a contribution on Google Maps.

google photowalk
Official Poster of The Great Gensan PhotoWalk / Photo Courtesy of Avel Manansala

Google Photowalk
The Map of our photowalk

Want to be a local guide? Then join here.

My First PhotoWalk Experience

This was my first ever photowalk experience and I am so glad that I joined this.  I've been a resident of Gensan my entire lifetime but I never got to appreciate these than I did during this activity.  Being with this group also made the walk less tiring and more fun.

Here are some of my snapshots:

Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges

General Santos City Investment Action Center

Jose Catolico Sr. Puericulture

Fishermen Shrine at Plaza Heneral Santos

Sydney Hotel

Statue of Gen. Paulino Santos at Plaza Heneral Santos

Clock Tower at Pioneer Avenue

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage
Photo courtesy of Michael Carbon

Shooting architectural structures can be quiet tricky.  Good thing I have my friend, The Rain Ramas, with me during this photowalk.  He gave me tips on how to capture the essence of a building and giving it the justice that it deserves.  My photos definitely improved when I applied his tips but they were still a far-cry from the photos that he was producing. Hahaha

The SOX Local Guides

The Local Guides Bingo Game
The photowalk commenced with a get-together at Jollibee RD Plaza where the winners of the Local Guides Game were awarded.  We took this time to edit our photos and upload it on Google Maps with our reviews. Sir Avel explained to us the new points system of Google Local Guides.  You get more points now for sharing photos.  This got me really excited.  Let us just say that after that photowalk, I was able to level-up from Level 3 to Level 4 easily!

Snack from Jollibee

It also ended with a yummy meal from, of course, Jollibee.

Useful PhotoWalk Tips

First time to join a photowalk too? Then these tips will be really helpful for you:

1) Wear comfortable shoes

A photowalk requires a lot of walking.  Wearing some comfy shoes will be a good decision and you will thank the heavens that you did.  You will also be able to discover more areas and take photos when you will be able to walk comfortably.  P.S. Walking and high heels also don't really match.

2) Bring a bottle of water

An activity such as a photowalk will make you sweat.  If you are in a place like the Philippines, walking to somewhere, even if that somewhere is just near, will make you thirsty.  It can also be quiet hot so it is really best to keep yourself hydrated to avoid heatstroke. 

3) Use an umbrella.

We did The Great Gensan PhotoWalk at around 2PM so it was a time that the might sun was at its peak. Using an umbrella during an activity like this is really a great idea.  If an umbrella bothers you, then use a cap or a cool hat instead.  Use anything that will prevent your brain from melting.

4) Get a Feel of Your Subject

I got this tip from Rain and it is really applicable to all subjects. When taking a photo, don't just go ahead and click and click and click.  Pause and take a look at your subject, in our case a building structure, and get a feel of it.  Look for unique details that deserve to be highlighted.  Look for lines as they usually are the first thing that our eyes see in the photo. 

5) Think of the headroom

Back in photography class, our prof always tells us about the importance of headroom.  Until now, this rule still applies but because of different reasons. Instagram is known to crop your photos so it is now better to get a long shot of a subject and just crop it if necessary.

6) Don't use rule of thirds

That is if you do not know how.  Back in college, I was really a fan of the drama that the "Rule of Thirds" can bring to my photos. However, I have seen lots of photos who have tried this technique but failed miserably. So if you want to really make use of this technique, make sure to practice and practice until you perfect it.

So that sums up my first photowalk experience.  Do you have a photowalk experience that you want to share too? Then hit me up at the comment section.

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Miyerkules, Marso 8, 2017

KCC Fashion x Laureen Uy

KCC Fashion

GenSan malls are now really leveling up!

From better products being sold, celebrity mall shows, and mall renovations, the people of Gensan couldn’t really ask for more.   But, lo and behold, KCC Mall of Gensan had a treat for us fashionistas !

In celebration of International Women’s Day last March 04, KCC Mall invited Fashion/Travel Blogger Laureen Uy for a 1-on-1 talk about her life as a fashion blogger, fashion tips and tricks, and more.

I was sooo excited to attend the event and KCC Mall of Gensan gave me Two (2) VIP Passes for a Meet & Greet with Laureen.   That literally made my month and I thought nothing can top that. But I was wrong.

Two days before the event, Curve101’s Brand Manager Mayenne Cagas gave me a call and ask me if I would agree to model for her brand during the event. I will get to keep the clothes that I will be wearing and the Laureen Uy herself will be styling me. I was dumbfounded.

But honestly, she got me at “free clothes”. Being styled by Laureen was a plus. Haha

The next day, Mayenne scheduled a fitting for me and I found myself at KCC Department Store at around 7PM.  I looked at the clothes and they are really good. Plus Size chicks also deserve to have fashionable clothes. Great job KCC for catering to our needs!

After a while, Mayenne arrived with Laureen. Yes! I got to go shopping with a celebrity. I’m cool like that, I know. Haha

Laureen & I after our session

Laureen first asked me what my usual style is and what clothes am I comfortable wearing.  I told her my style and she immediately created a vision of my outfit.

I’ve tried clothes here and there. Then she asked me if I’ve tried wearing cullotes before. I said “no” and she asked me to try it on with one of the tops that I liked.

And voila! I had my look.

I slept smiling that night. LOL

Then came the big day!

Photo by KCC Fashion

Photo by KCC Fashion

The event started and the host had a series of questions for Laureen.

It was an interview-type of conversation where she gets to share her fashion and blogging experience. Since I was modeling, I was not really able to witness the whole event. I was only able to come out of the holding room once it was time to showcase her styling.

Photo by KCC Fashion

One by one, each model went on stage and Laureen explained to the audience why she chose that particular look for us.



Styled by Laureen Uy

At the end of the event, she graciously agreed for some photo ops with the VIP guests.

Laureen Uy with KCC Fashion Models

Of course, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with her too.

Laureen & I

KCC treated us lunch and I was glad because I was already starving.

So our group ate at Arpochi Seafood and got to spend more time with Laureen.  She was so friendly and made chika with us. She also gamely answered all our questions.

Here are some things I found out during lunch:

·      She started blogging at the age of 21.
·      She travels a lot… for work. She gets invited to a lot of events, meet & greets, fashion weeks, etc.
·      She loves to eat crabs! She loves to eat. PERIOD.
·      She loves “tomboy-chic” style.

Her tips:

·         You can layer denim over denim over denim.  Too much denim is never bad.
·         If you are on the heavy side, don’t be scared to try flared pants.
·         Stripes over stripes is classic.
·         The best time to take a selfie is at 4pm. The sun is at the right angle and at the same time, they sun rays are not too harsh on your skin.
·         The perfect size for your social media photos is 1080x1080.
·         Always wear something that you are comfortable in.

There you have it!

Top and Pants by Curve101. Available at KCC Department Store.

Overall, this was a great experience. I have always been a great supporter of women empowerment and it felt really good to be part of something like this. I’m also proud to represent my plus-size ladies and to promote my new advocacy, #BeBodyPositive.

Thanks KCC Mall of Gensan! More events like this please!

Are you also a fan of Laureen Uy?

Show her some love at the comment section below.

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Huwebes, Marso 2, 2017

QueenSize Fashion: Nike Launches Plus-Size Workout Gear

This just in!

Top brand Nike has just recently launched a new range of workout gear in... (tadah!) PLUS-SIZE.

Photo is not mine. Credit to the owner.

For years, I've been going to the gym (not too often though) and joining sports activities in nothing but an oversized T-Shirt and black leggings. Now finally, an athletic brand has addressed the needs of Plus-Size beauties. We want to work out and look good at the same time too, you know.

Photo is not mine. Credit to the owner.

The range features various work-out ready outfits up to size 3XL. Sports bra, running tights, hoodies! Name it, they have it!

Photo is not mine. Credit to the owner.

So what do you think about Nike's move? Let me know at the comment section below.

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QueenSize GiveAway: One VIP PASS to Meet & Greet Laureen Uy

QueenSizeGalsPH, in partnership with KCC Mall of Gensan, is giving away One (1) VIP PASS to Meet & Greet Fashion/Travel Blogger Laureen Uy on March 04, 2017, 11AM at KCC Mall of Gensan Atrium.

Are you an aspiring blogger and fashionista just like Laureen Uy? Then this blog giveaway is for you!

Simple follow these steps:

1)     At the comment section below, tell us why you should win a VIP Pass to Meet &        Greet Laureen Uy.

2)    Like QueenSizePH on Facebook and Follow us on  Instagram

3)    Like KCCFashion on Facebook and Follow the on  Instagram

4)      Like & Share the QueenSize Blog Giveaway Post on Facebook.

5)      The Lucky Winner will be announced on March 4, 12MN.

Now, who's excited for Saturday?  Laureen Uy can't wait to meet you! Best of luck!

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Biyernes, Pebrero 24, 2017

4Days 4 Nights Winter in South Korea Itinerary

Creating an itinerary for your trip is never easy. With all the sites and sights to see, it’s confusing to choose the places to prioritize and the spots to visit if you still have extra time.

Before going on my trip to Korea, I spent a whole lot of time researching about the must-see places to visit there. Thank God for blogs! I really learned a lot of tips and tricks while reading them.

So, I’d like to give it forward by also sharing my 4 Days and 4 Nights Winter Itinerary in South Korea.

January 27, 2017 / FRIDAY

5:40 PM               Departure from Mactan International Airport
11:30 PM             Arrival at Incheon International Airport
12:00 AM             Meet-up with Mr. Kim (Driver of our rented Van)
1:30 AM               Checked-in at our AirBnb Apartment at KCC Parktown
2:00 AM               Rest

January 28, 2017 / SATURDAY

9:00 AM               Left the apartment to go to Anguk Station
9:30 AM               Arrived at Anguk Station
                             Ate Brunch at Paris Croissant
11:00 AM             Changdeokgung Palace
12:00 PM             Changgyeonggung Palace
1:00 PM               Explore the streets of Yulgok-ro
                             Eat Street Food
3:30 PM               National Palace Museum of Korea
                            Gyeongbokgung Palace
5:00 PM               Gwanghwamun Plaza
6:00 PM               Dinner at Dongdaemun
8:00 PM               Dongdaemun Design Plaza
10:00 PM             Bound for Seoul Station
10:30 PM             Rest Time

Sneek Peak of my Day 1 in South Korea.
Led Roses at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

January 29, 2017 / SUNDAY

11:00 AM             Left the apartment bound for Nami Island
2:00 PM                Arrived at Gapyeong Station
2:30 PM                Left Gapyeong Station for Nami Island
3:00 PM                Arrived at Nami Island
5:30 PM                Left Nami Island for Petite France (Closed Road due to Heavy Snow)
                                Went Directly to Gapyeong Station
6:00 PM                Left Gapyeong for Myeongdong
7:40 PM                Arrived at Myeongdong Station
8:00 PM                Nansam Cable Car
8:15 PM                NanSam Tower

9:30 PM                Myeongdong Station

11:00 PM             Arrived at the Apartment

Sneek Peak of Nami Island

Nansam Tower
N Seoul Tower

January 30, 2017 / MONDAY

12:00 PM             Left the Apartment for Everland

3:00 PM                Arrived at Everland

8:30 PM                Left Everland

11:00 PM             Arrived at Seoul Station

11:15 PM             Late Dinner at Itaewon

January 31, 2017 / TUESDAY

9:30 AM               Left for Myeongdong

4:00 PM                Lotte Mart Seoul Station

7:30 PM                Left for Airport

9:30 PM                Boarding

10:05 PM             Left for Cebu

Aubrey & Veronica in Myeongdong Shopping District

Veronica in Myeongdong Shopping District

There you go! Hope this helps!

Although you should know that this was not our original travel itinerary.  We haven’t been to some of the places that we originally planned to visit and visited some places that were not part of our itinerary. Also, there were times when we were just too tired and too cold to continue our strolling.  We are also short in time as we start our day late and spend most of the time taking photos (yes, even in train stations and places we just happen to pass by because everything/everywhere is photo-worthy).

I’ll create a blog post for my expenses for the four days that I have stayed in Korea. Stay tuned!


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Martes, Pebrero 21, 2017

KCC Mall of Gensan Celebrates International Women's Month with Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy

Catch top Fashion/Travel Blogger Laureen Uy as she graces KCC Mall of Gensan's celebration of International Women's Month on March 04, 2017, Saturday at the KCC Mall of Gensan Atrium.

The event aims to inspire aspiring fashionistas and bloggers to pursue their passion for fashion and writing. There will be a Q&A portion during the event where Laureen Uy will be answering some juicy and frequently asked questions about how she started blogging, when she realized she had a passion for fashion and more. So make sure that you will be there fellow Fashionistas!

Oh, there's more!

Do you want to meet and greet Laureen Uy?

Here's how:

1. Post your best OOTD and tag @KCCFashion along with a hashtag #KCCFashionxLaureenUy and #KCCWomensMonth2017
2. Tag 3 or more friends on the comment section below!
3. And don't forget to Like and share our page, @KCCFashion.

Be sure to follow all the steps for a valid entry. 
20 Winners will be selected based on their creativity and effort .
We'll be announcing winners on March 2, 2017.
Geez! I'm so excited for this!
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Lunes, Pebrero 20, 2017

Korea Trip 2017: The Arrival

Around May last year, I chanced upon a Cebu Pacific Promo Fare on Facebook with January - March 2017 travel date and tried my luck booking via their very busy website. One of my BFFs, Rose, and I have always planned to travel abroad together and I thought this would be a really, really great time to do it (kasi Hello Promo Do! ^_^).

I had three options: Hongkong, Bangkok(Thailand) or Incheon (Korea). Rose has already been to HK so that is out of the picture. I wanted to go to Thailand but Korea seems to be a better choice. Since we are planning to go around January, it would be winter time by then and it will be great to experience snowfall.

So Korea it is!             

I was able to book our tickets for only Php 6,000+ Round Trip each (Cebu-Incheon, Incheon-Cebu). My sister, Veron, and our other friend, Aubrey, also joined us for the trip.

As early as May 2016, we were already very excited and looking forward for this trip. We processed our VISA around December (will write a separate How-To post) and got approved! 

By second week of January, I was already able to book our studio-type apartment via AirBnB. It is located just 300 meters away from Seoul Station and Lotte Outlet. More info about our apartment will soon be posted on a separate blog post.

Our flight for Korea was on January 27, 2017, at 3:40PM. However, our flight was delayed and we were able to depart at around 5:40PM.  

While waiting for our flight bound for Korea.

With my sister Veronica. Agnas na besh! Hahaha

Seoul, KR at 1200 altitude

We arrived in Incheon International Airport at around 11:30PM. Good thing I had requested our host to book us an airport pickup and our friendly driver, Mr. Kim, was already waiting for us when we got out of the Arrival Area. My friends went to the money changer to change their USD into KRW while me and my sister went to a convenience shop to buy T-Money. 

The obligatory Airport Photo

How long did we stay in Korea? 4 days! And we had this much luggage. Lol

Incheon International Airport was nice although we weren't able to explore it more. It was already very late when we arrived and Mr. Kim had been waiting for almost 3 hours now so it would be inconsiderate if we make him wait a little longer.

We exited the Airport terminal and we were welcomed with iced, cold breeze. Mr. Kim then briefed us that it snowed yesterday and that the temperature as of that moment was -4 degrees. It was so cold that my hands are actually shaking!

The Incheon International Airport was an hour-ride away from where we were staying. During the ride, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the Korean cityscape is.  They have awesome bridges with amazing lights. They have smooth roads. I love it! 

Finally, we arrived at our apartment building and Mr. Kim helped us get in our elevator. Our room was located at the 12th Floor and was really cozy.

A sneakpeek of our apartment near Seoul Station

The apartment is located near convenience stores and we decided to buy our dinner/midnight snack there before hitting the sack.

Stay tuned for my next blog posts. I'll be sharing with you guys our 4 day Itinerary and Budget and a Daily Summary of our Korean Adventures.

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