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5 Things You Didn't Know about Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster

When we visited Korea last year, it opened me to a whole new world of KBeauty. Yes, I know some Korean skin care and beauty brands such as The FaceShop, SkinFood, and Etude House but that stops there. But when you are in the middle of Myeongdong, the options are limitless! Everywhere you looked at, there's a beauty shop packed with people, both Koreans and tourists. 

One of the shops that I have visited there was Nature Republic.

I have never heard of Nature Republic before my trip but they have a big SALE sign outside of their store so and my travel buddies went in. 

I bought a Nature Republic Blush On and a couple of Gel Nail polishes then got tons of freebies. And those freebies include two (2) sample sizes of a Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster.

product photo
Photo Credit: NATURE REPUBLIC website

NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution Skin Booster

According to NATURE REPUBLIC's website, the Snail Solution is an 'intensive skin care line that contains the secretion filtrate of snails obtained from pristine areas'.  It helps your skin look healthy and radiant as it gives back life to stressed-out skin. It is 90% snail secretion filtrate and contains Lecithin that helps lessen the appearance of fine lines.


The Sample that I got

Snail solution, seriously??? I thought, what was happening to the world? Things are getting weirder and weirder. But I guess it was worth a try.

Was I excited? Honestly, no.

I immediately Googled it and found out about the amazing benefits our skin can get from snail solution. :)

5 Things You Didn't Know about Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster

1.  Snail filtrate has amazing benefits

Snail filtrate is the holy grail of KBeauty! It contains hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans, glycoprotein, , and antimicrobial and copper peptides which when combined, is your best defense against premature aging. It removes dead skin cells, making it an excellent exfoliant, while it stimulate the renewal of skin cells. It helps lessen the appearances of acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Acne scars? Check. Wrinkles? Check. Stretch Marks? Check. I got these three! So excited to see the results.

Oh, it also has whitening effects!

2. It is not slime-y and smells good


It looks slime-y, yes, but it doesn't feel like it when you apply it on your skin.  The first time I have applied this, I was actually shocked at how lightweight it feels and it doesn't leave any sticky residue on my face and it leaves you with a refreshing feeling.

3. It has Lecithin as another powerful ingredient

Aside from its main ingredient, the snail filtrate, NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution Skin Booster also contains Lecithin, a substance made of fatty acids naturally found in the tissues of your body. For skin care products, Lecithin is extracted from soy beans.

Lecithin helps make your skin feel smooth by re-hydrating your skin. It also acts as a moisturizer, bringing back to life dry and damaged skin. It has antioxidants which makes your skin glowing and flawless.  Studies also show that it can help cure eczema and worst acne.

Did this one sold you out? 

4. Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster will leave your skin feeling supple and smooth

Yes, you've read that right! I love the feeling I get after applying this product. I also love the fact that that feeling is still there when I woke up in the morning. My skin feels so smooth and supple that I can't stop myself from touching my face. 

I will also confess something to you guys. The first time I've tried this product, I can literally feel my face stretch! No kidding. It was so good to feel the product working its magic on my face.

5. Nature Republic Snail Solution Skin Booster is now available in the Philippines!

No need to go to Korea to try this product. You can always visit their shops located all over the Metro. Check out NATURE REPUBLIC website for their store locations. Or, you can also visit our favorite KBeauty shop, ALTHEA, and check out this awesome find.

My Results (So far)

So I have actively been using this product for 10 days now and I can say that I already see and feel the difference. Like I have mentioned above, my skin now feels smoother and more supple. I also love how I still feel the product stretching my skin every time I apply it.

Although I really can't see any difference right now, I have decided to continue using this and will buy a full version of this.

Here's my photo taken 10 days after I started using this product. Yes, the pores are still there. Hahaha

P.S. Camera used was from my S8+ camera phone and both photos don't have filter applied to them.

Have you tried this product too? Let me know what you think about below.

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