Martes, Abril 2, 2019


I got a pack of Jumiso RichNourishment Sheet Mask from my sister, Veronica, when she went home last February. I’m not totally familiar with this KBeauty brand so I was not really keen on using it. However, my sister told me that this is a really good brand and that I should try it as soon as possible.

Well, I didn’t. I mean, I wasn’t able to because I forgot that I have this in my stash.

Fast forward to the last week of March and my skin can already feel the summer heat. My face really felt so rough and dry these past few days and it really bothered me. So I decided to give this Jumiso HelloSkin Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask a try. And boy, was I so happy!


CLAIM TO FAME: A nutrient-rich mask fortified with 2 fermented ingredients to boost skin health from the inside out (taken from the back of the pack, verbatim)

FAST FACTS: Infused with Korean herbs and black ginseng extract to revitalize skin; leaves a plump and youthful look; supercharged with Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate and Lactobacillus Ferment to deliver amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to skin; firms and boosts elasticity with special ceramide complex; 100% mild cotton yarn sheet mask adheres to skin perfectly to promote maximum absorption while minimizing skin damage. (taken from the back of the pack, verbatim)

PERFECT FOR: Nourishing aging skin

Open the pack and pull out the mask with the mesh. Carefully unfold the mask with the mesh and fit it over your face (Check out my video on how I did this). Leave it on and relax (grab a book or watch TV!) for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the sheet mask. Gently pat the essence onto skin for maximum effect. 

WHY I LOVE JUMISO HelloSkin Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask

1) Easily hydrates face in seconds

My favorite part of using a sheet mask is the moment that you place it on your face and you can instantly feel the cooling sensation of the sheet mask. It’s like magic! And the Jumiso HelloSkin Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask does this! Just seconds after applying it on my face, I felt the sheet mask worked its magic and I love it.

2) No sticky residue afterwards

After 20 minutes of pure relaxation, I took off the sheet mask and felt great. It didn’t feel sticky or oily. I have tried other sheet masks before that leaves a sticky residue after taking it off and my face feels heavy.  Good thing, Jumiso Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask will just leave your face feeling cool, fresh and smooth that you can use this even in the morning.

3) It comes with mesh liner

The sheet mask also came with a mesh which makes it very convenient. The mesh liner helps you apply the sheet mask without worrying that you may rip it or crumple it. I have experiences with other sheet masks ripping and this can be avoided with the use of the mesh. It is also easier to put it on your face with the mesh.

4) Lots of excess liquid

I love the fact that the Jumiso Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask  is very generous when it comes to the amount of liquid of their sheet masks. I’ve read similar reviews that all of Jumiso’s sheet masks are heavily soaked in their liquid formula. This is great news since I ended up lathering my neck, arms and feet with this excess liquid.

This is how I look like with a sheet mask. Hello Glasses!

There you have it, Beauties! Hope this helps!

Have you tried Jumiso Rich Nourishment Sheet Mask too? Let me know your thoughts at the comment section. 


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